Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to the website of the Paulinex family company.

Our company has been operating on the clothing market since 1992.

The rich experience gained over 24 years and the great possibilities of our company is that you will find all clothing services in one place.

We offer comprehensive computer embroidery services, embroidery on caps, screen printing, printing on T-shirts, jets, laser embroidery, engraving and stitching, sewing service

Everything in one place!!!!

Thanks to modern machines, we create computer embroidery made in many techniques. We place great emphasis on making our computerized embroidery always durable and aesthetic, and the wide range of colors gives us the opportunity to emphasize expressive colors and above-average visual effects on the final product.

We make computer embroidery and screen printing on our own and entrusted clothes.

We have our own design studio, thanks to which we can implement new embroidery patterns, and new products in graphic patterns will satisfy even the most demanding customer

Cutting and sewing clothes in our own tailor shop gives us the ability to control all stages of the production of clothes. We work with recipients throughout Poland and the European Union.

Thanks to modern machines, we can make many types of embroidery, such as:
Types of embroidery Embroidered patches – badges Embroidery on finished products

  • embroidery with beads,
  • sequin embroidery,
  • ribbon embroidery,
  • embroidery with strings,
  • convex embroidery,
  • embroidery with screen printing,
  • embroidery on a sponge,
  • ribbon embroidery. – thermo-adhesive badges,
  • shields and emblems,
  • pennants,
  • banners. – embroidery on caps,
  • embroidery on baseball caps,
  • embroidery on T-shirts,
  • embroidery on sweatshirts,
  • ing with beads and many more.